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Book on U.S. currency out

Bizcurr0307.jpgQ. David Bowers and David M. Sundman go back in time to study the currency of different periods in American history in their new book 100 Greatest American Currency Notes.

Published by Whitman, the coffee-table-sized book is 224 pages long and includes full-color photographs and stories for every note covered by the authors.

100 Greatest American Currency Notes provides a guided tour of the paper money of Colonial America, the Continental Congress, the early states, the Confederacy, old banks and private issuers.

?Each of the 100 Greatest was voted into place by leading paper currency dealers, researchers and historians,? said Mary Counts, Whitman president.

A number of rarities are featured in the book, including the famous Grand Watermelon, the world?s first million-dollar currency note. Readers will also get a detailed look at the Lazy Deuce, the Tombstone Note, the Buffalo Bill and more.

More available and popular notes are also included, along with a wealth of information about them. Included are market values, price histories, field populations, census reports and other information.

Longtime numismatic experts Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler provided the forward for the book, while currency dealer Tom Denly put together the pricing, including prices from the past and current market values.

Retailing for $29.95, the book is available in hobby shops and bookstores. For more information, visit Whitman?s Web site, www.whitmanbooks.com

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