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Book covers Barber dime series

A new book on the Barber dime series,  Collecting and Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes by Jeff Ambio, is now available from Zyrus Press.

The work provides an analysis of every proof and business strike issue in the series. Ambio, a numismatic researcher and cataloger, offers insight on ways to build a Barber dime collection, key factors governing the market in which the coins trade and strategies for collecting and investing in Barber dimes.

The guide includes mintage figures, varieties and significant examples. Readers will also find current information on pricing, auction records, strike, luster, population and rarity rankings.

“[The book] is the definitive reference on this series and is applicable whether you are searching for a single example to add to a type set or desire to assemble the finest Barber dime set that money can buy,” said Ambio.

The 6-by-9 inch paperback has 432 pages and contains more than 100 images. Retail price is $29.95.

Find the book online at www.amazon.com and www.zyruspress.com.

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