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Bomb squad called to Liberty Coins

The Lansing Police Department and Michigan State Police Bomb Squad were called to Liberty Coin Service April 23 after a customer brought in a box of unexploded Japanese World War II hand grenades and artillery cartridges for possible sale.

When the customer presented the items to LCS employee Augustine Green, he advised the owner to take the items to the police. The customer said she did not want to take them anywhere. At that point the police department was called, who in turn summoned the bomb squad to recover the items.

“Once the customer realized what she had, she became afraid and didn’t want to touch it,” Green said. “Actually she was more concerned that she might have broken some law against possessing military ordnance. She cooperated with the police when they arrived and it was obvious to me that she didn’t mean to create a problem. The police thanked her.”

The police did not judge it necessary to evacuate the premises while waiting for the bomb squad.

“Although Liberty Coins purchases military collectibles as a small part of our rare coin and precious metals dealership, this is the first time in our 38 years in business that anyone has brought in live ammunition,” said LCS owner Patrick A. Heller. “I’m thankful that we were able to help safely retire some items that could have led to an accidental tragedy someday.”

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