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Biggest moves in bullion Eagles this week

LilMint.jpgBiggest moves this week are in March bullion, with silver Eagles nearly tripling over last week?s 105,000 to 305,000.

The ounce bullion gold Eagle more than tripled over last week?s figure, and the half ounce makes its March debut here at 5,000 coins so far this month.

Of course, last week?s March bullion figures covered only four days of sales and this week has had the benefit of a full seven days, including a weekend.

Do you purchase Mint products over the weekend? With its Internet sales site, the Mint can sell darn near 24/7.

Soon we?ll be tracking the proof silver Eagle as well ? it has a March 27 on-sale date.

Most of this week?s numbers simply ticked upward a bit. Those watching closely, and many do, will notice that the Jamestown uncirculated gold $5 figure went down by 40 pieces this week. Just one of those usual unusual things. BigMint.jpg

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