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Big and little adjustments made to numbers

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The 2007-W uncirculated platinum Eagle box makes an encore performance below. The one-ounce coin moved up by 26 and the tenth-ounce coin dropped by 9.

But those numbers are small compared to the May one-ounce bullion silver Eagle numbers. Last week?s report said 1,584,000. This week it is only 466,000. Perhaps the higher numbers were shifted back into April as they had been reported prior. Or is the dealer distribution network prone to high levels of returns? I wouldn?t think so.

It is gratifying to watch old reliables like 2008 five-quarter proof sets chug along, gaining 34,460. You can count on basic collector demand.

Sales of 2007 Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Sets have stopped at the totals listed. The asterisk appears.

First Spouse sales creep along. On May 29 the next one arrives.   



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