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Bi-metallic trade token available

Joel Anderson, member of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club, has issued a bi-metallic token good for $3 in trade.
The 28 mm token has a nickel-plated outer ring with a 18 mm brass center. It has a partially reeded edge.

The obverse features a frosted facsimile of a Chinese Kai Yuan cash coin on the center. The Kai Yuan coin was issued by the Tang Dynasty in China from 618 to 907 A.D. and serves as the logo for Anderson’s world coin business. On the ring are Anderson’s name; Web site, www.joelscoins.com; and address.

The reverse ring reads “Good For Three Dollars In Trade,” and the denomination is featured on the center.

The tokens were struck by Moffatt & Co., Inc. of Eureka Springs, Ark. The mintage is set at 1,000 pieces. They are available from Anderson for $3 plus $1 postage for shipments in the U.S.

To place an order, e-mail Anderson at joel@joelscoins.com, visit his Web site or call (805) 489-8045.

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