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BEP solicits invitations for 2007

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is accepting invitations to participate in events across the nation in 2007.

The BEP participates in these events to educate the public about its mission and role in producing U.S. securities, specifically paper money. Unique currency related items available for purchase by the public include sheets of uncut currency, professionally packaged premium products, special intaglio print cards, shredded currency and numerous specialty items.

In addition, the BEP often showcases exhibits of artistic and rare material, including specimens of antique or unique currency of historic and educational significance.

The sponsoring organization is expected to provide the booth space, transportation costs for exhibits and products, tables, table skirts, display cases/lamps, electricity, carpeting and drayage services with a maximum amount of support and protection for the BEP.

Show sponsors, bourse chairmen, and/or coordinators are required to sign a security agreement issued by BEP’s Office of Security.

Organizations interested in the Bureau?s participation during the fiscal and calendar year 2007 (Oct. 2006 through Dec. 2007) should submit a written request with all pertinent information by Aug. 11, 2006, to Karen Smith, Exhibit Coordinator, Office of External Relations, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 14th & C Streets, S.W. – Suite 735-9A, Washington, DC 20228; Or e-mail karen.smith@bep.treas.gov, telephone (202) 874-2108, fax (202) 927-1899.

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