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BEP marks Year of the Pig

NN0213BEPpanda.jpgMarking the Chinese lunar calendar?s Year of the Pig, a new Lucky Money product from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing features a $1 note with serial number beginning ?8888.?

A second new product, also part of BEP?s Lucky Money line, is a $20 note with serial number beginning ?8888.?

Both come in red folders with gold foil and thematic artwork, the $20 item displaying pandas with bamboo, the $1 item a multicolor pig.

The Year of the Pig product is the sixth in a series of 12 Lucky Money Notes ? one has been and will be designed for each Chinese zodiac symbol ? which is said to symbolize good fortune in the Asian community. The Year of the Pig begins Feb. 18.

NN0213BEPpig.jpgA total of 68,888 Year of the Pig notes are available. Cost is $5.95 each. Bulk pricing is also available.

Priced at $39.95, a total of 8,888 $20 Lucky Money Notes will be available.

Both of these products may be purchased online at www.moneyfactory.gov, or by telephone at (800) 456-3408. Products may also be purchased from both Bureau of Engraving and Printing visitor center locations, at 14th &
?C? Streets, SW, Washington, D.C.; and 9000 Blue Mound Road, Fort
Worth, Texas.

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