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Barber guide now in online library

Online information source Stella Coin News announced Oct. 12 that its latest online reference book, The Complete Guide to Certified Barber Coinage, written in 1999 by John and David Feigenbaum, is now available for free on the site, www.StellaCoinNews.com.

The reference offers collectors historical information on the Barber series. A date and mintmark analysis includes population reports and estimated values for grades AU-55 and higher for Barber dimes, quarters and halves, as well as proof coins.

This Barber guide is the 12th addition to the SCN library. All reference works are available for free.

Stella Coin News was launched in 2008 as a resource to publish industry news, press releases and research on all manner of numismatic topics. Visit the Web site for more information.

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