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ATB Price cut by $50

Sometimes procrastinators are rewarded with lower Mint issue prices.

In this case, it is $50 for those who are looking to buy the current offerings of
5-ounce silver America the Beautiful 2011-P uncirculated collector coins.

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When it first went on sale Sept. 22, the 2011-P Gettysburg National Military Park 5-ounce collector coin was priced at $279.95. This was the same price that had applied to the five 2010 collector issues.

As of the Oct. 7 repricing, however, the issue price became $229.95. This followed a September decline in the price of silver bullion from roughly $40 a troy ounce to under $30.

The new price was posted after an 11-day sales suspension that had begun Sept. 26.

The new lower price also applies to leftover 2010-P Mount Hood National Forest 5-ounce coins. Nearly 4,000 coins out of a 27,000-coin mintage are still available from the Mint.

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New prices were also posted for the 2011-W proof silver American Eagle coin and the 2011-W uncirculated collector version. They are $58.95 and $50.95, respectively.

Other silver coin sets had gone back on sale a couple of days earlier and were reported in last week’s issue.

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