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Association Puts “Royal” in its Title

CNAOnly170.jpgQueen Elizabeth II has granted the Canadian Numismatic Association the privilege to change its name to the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association and its equivalent in French, l’Association canadienne royale de numismatique.

Michael Walsh, president of Canada’s national numismatic organization, states, “I have the honor of announcing that Her Majesty has granted use of the title ‘Royal’ by the Canadian Numismatic Association. I wish to recognize the dedicated efforts of my predecessor, Charles Moore, and of Doug Andrews, that have allowed the CNA to achieve this prestigious distinction.”

In November 2006, the governor general of Canada, Michaelle Jean, accepted an invitation from the CNA to serve as its honorary patron “The governor general’s acceptance was greeted with enthusiastic approval and support throughout the membership,” says Walsh. The CNA Executive moved forward, giving unanimous support at its Spring 2007 meeting to initiate the process of seeking permission to adopt the royal title.

Walsh indicates, “I welcome this announcement and celebrate it as an Elizabeth170.jpgindication of the esteem in which our Association is held. The Canadian Numismatic Association is a 57-year-old institution with a wonderful history and a proud tradition. Adding ‘Royal’ to our name will not change that, but it will give us more prominence in the eyes of many collectors. And because of this, we will very likely see our membership numbers grow and our Association strengthen.

“Numismatists, in particular, recognize the importance of the monarchy in Canada’s unique heritage, and the enduring recognition that it receives on all coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.”

Moore told World Coin News, “I am extremely pleased that Her Majesty has granted the CNA the privilege to change its name to the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. It is indeed a great honor for us. With use of the ‘Royal’ prefix in the name of our national numismatic organization, the RCNA joins some of the most prestigious entities in Canada, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Royal Canadian Regiment, the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mint,” Moore added.

Victoria170.jpg“I believe that the addition of ‘Royal’ will benefit the association in many ways in the future, including the objectives of promoting Canadian heritage and education. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the CNA Executive, area directors, past presidents, and membership for their continuing and overwhelming support.”

Coinciding with announcement of the Canadian Numismatic Association name change, the Royal Canadian Mint has introduced the first of a new issue of $15 proof state coins struck in sterling silver. The reverse depicts the portrait of Queen Victoria that appeared on Canadian 1, 25, and 50-cent pieces between 1870 and 1901. The “Royalty Series” will eventually feature effigies of the succeeding monarchs, culminating with Queen Elizabeth II in 2009.

“The Queen has expressed her will, and we are now entitled to use the name that we sought: ‘The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association/l’Association canadienne royale du numismatique,'” says Walsh. “Our next step is to follow protocol for amending our constitution to reflect the name change.

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