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Artists to infuse Presidential $1

The U.S. Mint is calling in the artists to see if they can come up with designs for the 2007 Presidential $1 coins.

After the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and the Commission of Fine Arts met in January to review designs for the coins, the Mint decided to ask for additional designs from its Artistic Infusion Program artists and its sculptor/engravers.

Mint spokesperson Becky Bailey said the move could affect the first four Presidential $1 coins to be released in 2007.

?We will ask the artists and engravers to create dramatic, bold images,? said Bailey. ?They may use as primary source materials the Presidential medal designs, intaglio prints from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the official Presidential portraits.?

Each design submitted must be based on at least one of the primary sources or a combination of any of the three sources. Artists also may use their own selected source material to supplement the three primary sources, but must secure the rights to those secondary sources.

The Mint hopes to present designs from AIP artists and Mint sculptor/engravers to the CFA and CCAC at their next meetings. The CCAC meets next on Feb. 28 ? rescheduled from Feb. 23 ? while the CFA meets March 16.

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