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Apex predator on Niue $100

A smiling Saltwater Crocodile invites collectors to dinner on the reverse of this 2018 gold Niuean $100. (Image courtesy Downies)

In recent years, the Saltwater Crocodile has become a popular subject for coins. This is the critter known as Crocodylus porosus by scientists and Saltie by Australians.

Human facination with them may stem from the fact that Salties regard us as ready prey. As Wikipedia explains, each is, “a formidable and opportunistic hypercarnivorous apex predator.” In their eyes, we are dinner.

The latest addition to the crocodilian coin genre is a partially colored 38.61 mm, one-ounce .9999 fine gold, high-relief $100 issued by the Pacific island state of Niue. The design is a joint effort of the Downies Product Development department.

Each coin comes individually numbered. Mintage is 150.


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