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Andrew Jackson dollar debuts

Hundreds of people gathered Aug. 14  at The Hermitage, the historic home of President Andrew Jackson, outside Nashville, Tenn., to see the new Andrew Jackson Presidential $1 Coin ceremonially released into circulation. 

The audience witnessed a ceremonial “pour” of thousands of shiny, new Andrew Jackson Presidential $1 Coins onto a table on the front lawn of the mansion, which sits on more than 1,000 acres.

 Afterwards, the crowd lined up to be among the first to exchange their dollar bills for the new coin.

“The Andrew Jackson Presidential $1 Coin is convenient to use in many cash transactions and will help educate the nation on the achievements of our seventh President,” said United States Mint Deputy Director Andrew Brunhart. “There are few more important leaders than Andrew Jackson, and we are grateful for President Jackson’s service to his country.”

More than 300 children from three local elementary schools attended the event, where they each received an Andrew Jackson Presidential $1 Coin from Brunhart and Richard Cowart, past regent of The Hermitage Board of Directors.

The obverse of this seventh coin in the Presidential $1 Coin Program was designed by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program Master Artist Joel Iskowitz and executed by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Jim Licaretz. The design features a rendition of “Old Hickory,” a nickname Andrew Jackson acquired during his service in the War of 1812. The reverse design, by Don Everhart, is a dramatic interpretation of the Statue of Liberty, which is portrayed on all the Presidential $1 Coins.

The United States Mint inaugurated the Presidential $1 Coin Program with the George Washington Presidential $1 Coin on February 15, 2007, in time for the Presidents Day holiday.

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