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Ancient Coins in February Robinson Auction

Dealer Frank S. Robinson will conduct his 111th mail and internet auction of Ancient and Early Coins with a closing date of February 11. The sale includes 487 lots, with low minimum bids, and bids to be reduced as competition permits. Robinson notes that reductions have averaged 15-20 percent in his recent sales. There is no buyer fee.

Greek Coins

Noteworthy among Greek coins in the sale are three classic Athenian “Owl” Tetradrachm in Choice EF to Mint State, two rare early Elymais silver tetradrachms; a Choice EF Tetradrachm of Antigonos Gonatas; a rare Persis Tetradrachm of Autophradates II in EF; an EF Rhodes Tetradtachm; a VF Populonia 20 Asses; and good run of Parthian coins.

(taken from site) “Virtually Mint State and choice, well centered & sharply struck,
good fresh metal with luster. Athena’s hair waves are razor sharp.
MB $1000″

(taken from site) “Antigonos Gonatas, 277-239 BC, Tet., Pan head in shield/ Athena Alkidemos stg l, helmet in field, TI at rt; Choice EF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone, unusually nice example with strong detail. Scarcer variety. (Same variety, EFs, brought $9102, Lanz 6/11 & $6759, NAC 5/15.) Start Bid $750”

(taken from site) “PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, 2nd cent BC, Tet, Head r wearing kyrbasia & diadem/Fire temple betw king & standard, above half-figure of Ahura-Mazda; S6193, Alram 546; AEF, sl off-ctr but nothing lost, good metal, rev with only sl crudeness, less than usual; very nice portrait in high relief. Four Persis kings struck Tetradrachms, all fairly rare, but this is much the rarest, and a superior example. (GVFs brought $10,200, CNG 9/17; $7,794, Leu 5/18.) Starting Bid $1700”

Roman Coins

Roman highlights include a nice VF Pompey denarius; a VF Cistophorus of Mark Antony and Octavia; an EF Agrippa As; a high-grade Sestertius of Nero Claudius Drusus; an extremely rare Dupondius of Agrippina Junior; a Quinarius of Galba in VF; a Choice EF Paulina denarius; and a very rare Majorian bronze in F-VF.

(taken from site) “IMPERATORIAL. POMPEY, Den, His head r/PRAEF CLAS etc, Neptune stg betw Catanaean brothers lofting their parents, Cr.511/3a, Sy.1344; VF, not badly centered for this but typically most obv lgnd off & rev lgnd off at top; excellent metal with pleasant tone; well-detailed portrait of outstanding style. (VFs brought $4000, Peus 5/08 and $2900, Kunker 10/07.) Starting Bid $700”

AGRIPPA, As, His bust l./SC, Neptune stg l; EF, centered & sharply struck, deep green patina with only very mild surface roughness & some glossiness; superb detailed portrait. An attractive coin of fine quality. (A GVF brought $4540, Kunker 11/13.) Starting Bid $450

PAULINA, Den, CONSECRATIO, Paulina flying on Eagle in Economy Class; Choice EF, well centered & sharply struck with unusually strong detail on rev; good bright silver. (An EF brought $2700, Lanz 5/08.) Starting Bid $850

The auction also includes Byzantine and other early coinages, group lots, literature, and a section of items offered at fixed prices.

Robinson holds about three such sales annually and tries to offer a broad range of material for advanced collectors as well as bargain hunters. Catalogs are free; contact Robinson at Box 8600A, Albany, NY 12208; phone/fax 518-482-2639; e-mail frank@fsrcoin.com. The full catalog can be viewed on his website.

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