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ANACS debuts holder

Anacs.jpgThere?s a new plastic holder, new storage box and a new day at ANACS, a third-party grading service from Dublin, Ohio, according to James Taylor, ANACS president.

Designed for the convenience of collectors and dealers, the holder, called ClearViewTM, is made of clear plastic to allow examination of a coin?s edge without taking it out of the holder. Further, designed in conjunction with the new clear plastic storage box, 25 of these new and thinner holders can be stored in the standard-size box instead of 20 older slabs, Taylor explained.

When the new holder is in the storage box, you can also read the label at the top without removing the coin from the box. A bar code at the back top of the label can also be scanned without removing the slab from the box.

?The holder has been designed to accommodate the largest label in the industry,? Taylor said.

For more information, or to obtain an ANACS submission form, visit www.ANACS.com, or call (800) 888-1861. 

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