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ANA questions campaign ethics

Tighter ethics bylaws may be the result of the recent chattering by American Numismatic Association board candidates and their supporters about supposed violations governing campaign behavior.

Letters have been sent out by ANA headquarters over the signature of executive director Christopher Cipoletti to three candidates, Barry Stuppler, Cliff Mishler and Chet Krause, asking them to explain themselves relating to alleged campaign ethics violations.

The June 21 letters gave the recipients until July 9 to respond. At that point the responses will be reviewed by an independent third-party attorney who will report to the board of governors by July 19 whether any violations of the bylaws occurred.

Potential penalties for bylaws breaches can include expulsion, but it will take action by the board to impose any such penalties.

ANA President William H. Horton Jr. said he asked that the letters be mailed after he saw stories in Numismatic News and other hobby papers.
?It?s my directive,? he said June 26. ?If there is a problem, I want to be on top of it.?

He said he is not carrying any grudges, he just hopes to leave his successors workable written policies.

?I don?t want to see anyone jammed up on a technicality.?

Stuppler sent out a mailing that had ?ANA Election Materials? printed on the envelope. Mishler is accused of placing campaign materials in his privately produced and paid for newsletter to volunteers for the Milwaukee World?s Fair of Money in August. He is convention chairman.

Mishler is also accused of placing campaign materials on ANA-related tables at other shows. This allegation also touches Chet Krause.

Stuppler is running unopposed for president of the ANA. Mishler and Krause are running for seats on the board in a mail-ballot election that concludes July 19.

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