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ANA helps Katrina victims

The American Numismatic Association is taking action to help members who have been left homeless or displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

ANA members in the hurricane affected region will be given up to a 12- month grace period on their memberships without loss of benefits or longevity.
The ANA says this will allow current members to find new housing and become re-established while finding comfort in their chosen hobby as a way to stay connected.

The ANA will also be accepting donations to assist in re-establishing clubs in the affected regions. Several members have already contacted the ANA about providing assistance to the clubs that have been displaced.

To make a donation, contact Angel Newsom at the ANA by e-mail at newsom@money.org or by phone at (719) 482.9821) or mail your donation to the ANA marked “Club Disaster Relief.” These funds will be used to provide clubs with new supplies, money for renting new meeting spaces and other necessities to begin functioning and connecting members.

The ANA has also established a location on its Web site to share information about those who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The association will be collecting e-mail messages from its members and posting those messages daily sharing information about members who have been displaced by the hurricane, gathering information about their needs and connecting them with friends and colleagues around the world.

To post a message in this members-only section of the ANA site, send an e-mail to assist@money.org. To access the messages, log in at www.money .org and click on the Katrina Information link in the members menu. If you are an ANA member, but do not have a user name and password, e-mail your request to membersonly@money.org.
For more information about the ANA, call (719) 632-2646 or visit www.money.org online.

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