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ANA ballots are in the mail

Ballots were expected to go into the mail June 7 for the biennial election of the American Numismatic Association president, vice president and seven governors.

This is one week late, Jay Beeton, ANA deptuy executive director for marketing and communications, said June 6. ?We had hoped to have them out June 1,? but he said that they would still be out to the members well before the June 24 date required in the bylaws.

Members will be asked to put their membership numbers on the ballot. This is being done as prescribed by the bylaws, Beeton said.

Beeton explained the bylaws require that the auditor select a numbering system. In this case, the firm chose the membership numbers, which for recipients, appear on the envelope.

The numbering system will help in the process of providing replacement ballots should any original ballots go missing.

To protect against fraudulent ballots, ?according to the bylaws,? Beeton explained, ?each ballot should bear an inconspicuous mark or marks that shall enable such firm (the audit firm) to distinguish an official ballot from a falsified ballot.?

The audit firm is BiggsKofford of Colorado Springs. Deadline for return of the ballots is July 19. Results are to be reported by the firm to the president and executive director by July 24 and a public announcement made no later than July 29.

Members who do not receive a ballot by June 22 are asked to contact BiggsKofford at 630 Southpoint Court, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. The firm?s phone number is (719) 579-9090.

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