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American Samoa quarters start out strong

The first American Samoa quarter stats are in this week. They are off to a start of 7,278 100-coin bags, 2,485 1,000-coin bags and 17,539 two-roll sets.

2009 silver proof set sales have decreased dramatically. Sales were down by more than half, rising by only 35,167 this week, compared to 79,200 last week.

2009 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens sales have skyrocketed this week. The $20 coin rose a hefty 3,799 compared to last week’s 865.

The 2007 James Madison and 2008 Martin Van Buren coins were the only Presidential dollar rolls to make a gain. Madison was at 82 over last week’s 78 and Van Buren was at 204 over last week’s 175.

The 2009 Kennedy half dollars were up in sales of the 200-coin bags, 152 this week compared with 133 last week.

Considering that these are virtually the only numbers to increase this week, sales seem fairly dismal. But could they be so bad that some numbers actually become negative? It certainly seems that way. The John Tyler First Day Coin Cover showed a higher number than last week, resulting in a change of -579 from last week’s numbers. Likewise, the William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 coin and First Spouse Medal Set showed 14,943 this week. That is a change of -42 from last week’s sales. Could coin returns be the culprit behind this strange occurrence?

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