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American Samoa bag first option to sell out

Word came that the 1,000-coin bag of Philadelphia American Samoa quarters has sold out. This comes two days after the Sept. 13 date of the data listed in the box. Will the 1,499 number turn out to be the final number, or will it notch up to 1,500?

The James K. Polk Presidential dollar roll from Philadelphia is nearing 35,000. Will that prove to be the ceiling for this issue as well, up from 30,000 for the prior design?

The Ultra High Relief gold $20 saw sales move along by 2,298, to 92,346. That increase is still toward the high end and probably reflects buyers who appreciate the convenience of being able to buy 25 in one go, hoping that some of the coins will grade out at MS-69 or MS-70 from a third-party grading service and thereby garner a few extra dollars over issue price.

The rush to buy two-roll sets of the Professional Life Lincoln cents is clearly over, but the increase of 9,643 to 214,115 is still a healthy one.

This number was beaten by the 2009 Lincoln Proof Set, which rose by 11,084 this week to 112,842 total sales.

No additional gold American Eagles were sold this week, but silver American Eagle sales increased by 175,000 to reach 600,000 so far in the month of September. So far this year, 19,364,500 have been sold. Gold American Eagle sales in 2009 have reached 884,000.

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