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Adkins seeks reelection


adkins200Incumbent Gary Adkins is seeking to retain his seat on the American Numismatic Association board of governors in the 2013 election to be held in June.

The Minneapolis dealer said the primary mission of the ANA is education.

“I see the most useful tool in promoting the education of members and the public at large is the Internet,” he said. “We must provide leadership and vision to attract new generations to the hobby.” Adkins also sees real continuing value in the library and museum. He says this value can be enhanced “by bringing new, as well as tried and true technologies, to the forefront.”

He wants to appeal to both the tech savvy and those who might not be so.

He cites threats from economic, legislative and tax issues, dwindling membership and lack of new member recruitment as areas that need addressing by the next board.

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Measuring how well they are doing in these areas will be critical and he offers three cornerstones for doing this.

• The budget must be defined and balanced.

• The demographics of the membership must be analyzed to learn how best to serve them.

• Tools to gather feedback as to how well the members and others think the organization is doing must be created.

In all of this, Adkins believes it is critical to reach out to clubs and develop partnerships with them.

The use of social media like Facebook and Twitter by headquarters and ANA members will help attract younger members and build for the future, he said.

Adkins believes, “ANA can tap that wellspring and inspire a new generation of collectors, and be more responsive to our current membership.”

Voting is expected to be conducted both online and by mail ballot starting about June 1.

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