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Adams rolls, bags ready for market

Poor John Adams. He gets no respect. As the May 8 issue of Numismatic News goes to press, there are no details available as to how the Mint plans to launch the second Presidential dollar honoring the man who held the office 1797-1801.

What is known is that rolls and bags will go on sale at the Mint Web site May 17. The coins will also be released to the nation?s banking system through the Federal Reserve System on that date.

The 25-coin rolls are priced at $35.95 each. The 250-coin bags are $319.95 each. The rolls and bags are available from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

Check the Mint?s Web site at www.usmint.gov for order details when they go on sale May 17. The Mint charges $4.95 shipping and handling per order.

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