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Adams error dollar responses

From the June 7 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Have you found one of the new John Adams error dollars with edge lettering impressed twice?

Here are the answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

These are coming from banks in both Florida and then Michigan, and as of this moment, I have purchased 22 such coins, with about half of them being doubled in two different directions. The most desirable one was a ?looks like a doubled die,? but in appearance only. I lost that one to a higher bid. Both strikes were right next to each other with great eye appeal.

Each random doubled lettered edge is not actually a doubled strike, but rather simply should be called exactly what they are: DOUBLED EDGE LETTERING. While some are in the same direction but overlapping different positions of the same lettering, while others are overlapped and opposite of each other, making for some really wild combinations.

Bag marks seem to be more prevalent on all the doubled edges? coins, which would indicate the coins having stayed in that ?edging room twice and had more ?handling? as they were being run twice. It will be very rare to find perfect condition doubled edge lettering coins.

The most desirable coins from this may be those with clear but mixed up date and mintmark areas like 2007 P  P 7002 with the last four digits and mintmark upside down or opposite each other. Then with every new Presidential dollar, will this continue to be a problem for the coin makers?

In the olden days, Bust half dollars, etc., had lettering inside the collar and there were less problems. Perhaps the minters will try to strike them this way again so that there is not this separate ?striking? or rolling of the edges.

Neil Osina
Glendora, Calif.

 Again I state: Americans take no pride in what they make.
Bob Sieger
Harrisburg, Pa.

Re:  Double-edge-lettered dollars

I am now more convinced than ever that all these so-called ?errors? coming out of the U.S. Mint over the last several years are deliberately manufactured, done so for no other reason than to stimulate interest in their products.  Yes, I realize that we are talking about a branch of the federal government, but even the federal government can?t possibly be this incompetent (although I know there is substantial room for debate on this subject).

Where?s the quality control?  Where?s the inspection? Where?s the attention to detail on such an important matter?
Errors? Sorry, not buying it.
Vincent Burke
Lake Forest, Calif.

 I got five rolls of the John Adams dollar coin. I opened one roll so far and got seven coins of doubled lettering.

I opened a second roll and found nine more double-edge John Adams (16 so far). I think I might not open the other three rolls.

Mark J. Dauter
Allen Park, Mich.

I picked up a $1,000 box of George Washington $1 coins from the bank on May 11. My son, Jon, started looking at the uncirculated wrapped rolls for the blank rims shortly thereafter but with no success. He and I continued to look at the balance of them on May 18.

One of the rolls that I opened seemed to contain a coin without writing on the rim. I gave the roll to my son and asked him to check it out to see if indeed there was no writing on the rim. After looking at it, he said that not only was there no writing on the rim but that there was nothing on the front and back.
Mark W. Sweadner
Libertytown, Md.

I?m positive on dollar coins
Sure, all the talk on dollar coins is negative. Too heavy, won?t work, been tried and failed, I?ve not read a positive news story anywhere.

So, I gave all my $1 bills to my wife and switched over to dollar coins just to see what would happen. I?m surprised.

Dollar coins are easier to use than dollar bills and clerks like them. I carry the dollar coins in with my change. Call them super quarters, or round dollars, whatever. What I?ve found is that I can pay exact change very quickly. No more change building up in my pocket.
Henry Stevens
Punta Gorda, Fla.

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