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Mint Stats: 5-ounce ATB sales make good start

GreatSmokyFollowers of silver bullion coins will note that the Mint has sold 4,330,000 American Eagles in March, a figure that beats the February total of 3,750,000.

They should also note that the Mint began selling the 2014 5-ounce America the Beautiful silver bullion coins. The Great Smoky Mountains design has gone on sale and the initial sales figure is 12,200. That is a fairly strong start considering that final sales figures for last year’s designs came in at 30,000 or 35,000 each.

Are bullion buyers warming up to the relatively new size that some affectionately call a hockey puck?

The Mint is expecting an initial order rush for National Baseball Hall of Fame commemoratives. Sales begin after this issue goes to press. Mintmarks of the various issues have been added below as has a listing for a Young Collectors set that will be offered later this year.

White Mountain quarters have sold out, which is a relief since taking them off the page made room for the 2014 Native American dollar, whose sales numbers indicate a routine start.

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