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2017 $2 note collection offered

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has introduced the 2017 $2 Single Note Collection, featuring Series 2013 $2 notes from the New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco Federal Reserve Banks and a Series 2009 note from the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank with non-matching serial numbers beginning with 2017.

The new Bureau of Engraving and Printing 2017 $2 Single Note Collection features Series 2013 and Series 2009 notes from four Federal Reserve Banks.

Each note is protected by a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve in a folder representative of the corresponding Federal Reserve District.

A limit of 25 sets per household is in place during the pre-release period, Aug. 1-7. Pricing for the 2017 $2 Single Note Collection is $29.95.

Unrestricted set and individual note sales begin Aug. 8, while supplies last.

Individual notes by bank designation are $7.95 per note. Bulk pricing for quantities of 50 or more by bank designation are $7.50 per note. The 2017 $2 Single Note Collection is limited to 5,000 total sets and is offered during calendar year 2017 only.

For additional information about BEP or to purchase products, visit bep.gov or follow the BEP on Facebook and Twitter, @USMoneyfactory.

BEP products may also be ordered by telephone (1-800-456-3408), by fax (1-888-891-7585), or mail (Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Mail Order Sales, 515M, 14th and C Streets SW, Washington, DC 20228).


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