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2008 Memphis, FUN shows coincide

The International Paper Money Show in Memphis, Tenn., and the second annual Summer Florida United Numismatists convention in West Palm Beach are slated for the same dates this year.

Both start June 26 and both feature significant auctions. FUN concludes June 28 and Memphis runs until June 29.

Memphis features a Lyn Knight Currency Auctions sale and Summer FUN features an auction conducted by Heritage.

Memphis will host meetings of various clubs on Saturday, including the Society of Paper Money Collectors, International Bank Note Society, Fractional Currency Collectors Board, Paper Money Collectors of Michigan, Souvenir Card Collectors Society, Currrency Club of Long Island and Military Money Collectors Club.

Four educational speakers have been lined up for Summer FUN. On June 26 at 1 p.m. Chuck Heck will speak about estate planning and at 2:30 p.m. Tony Swicer will offer helpful collecting hints.

On June 27 Bob Hurst will talk about world coins at 1 p.m. and at 2:30 p.m. Randy Campbell will speak about his favorite 20 coins of the 20th century.
Young Numismatist and Scout merit badge clinics will be held June 28 at FUN.

Mart Delger has lined up superlative exhibits for the Memphis show. Dick Wells has lined up noncompetitive exhibits for Summer FUN.

Technically, Memphis exhibits are also noncompetitive, but there are so many specialty awards given, including the Bank Note Reporter Most Inspirational Exhibit Award, that it hardly seems that way.

Contact Mike Crabb for more Memphis information at (901) 757-2515, or by e-mail at macjr1998@yahoo.com.

Check out http://funtopics.com for more Summer FUN information.

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