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2005 Mint production higher

In 2005, the U.S. Mint produced more than 15 billion coins for circulation. That?s two billion more than it did in 2004.

Final circulation coin production figures for 2005 show that the Mint made 15,302,690,500 coins. Breaking it down, there were 7.7 billion cents made, along with 1.7 billion nickels, 2.8 billion dimes, a little over 3 billion quarters, 7.3 million half dollars and just over 5 million dollars.

In 2004, the Mint produced 13.181 billion coins, including 6.8 billion cents, 1.445 billion nickels, 2.487 billion dimes, 2.4 billion quarters, 5.8 million half dollars and 5.320 million dollars.

The mint in Philadelphia produced slightly fewer coins than the Denver Mint, at 7,638,120,000 compared to Denver?s 7,664,570,500.

The opposite was true in 2004, when Philadelphia produced 6,634,320,000 and Denver made 6,546,940,000.

As far as December 2005 production went, here?s the breakdown: Cent-P: 354.4 million; Cent-D: 330.8 million; Nickel-P: 54.240 million; Nickel-D: 33.6 million; Dime-P: 108 million; Dime-D: 152 million; Quarter-P: 69.8 million; Quarter-D: 95.6 million.

No changes were reported in the half dollar and dollar catagories.

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