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1 ounce gold Eagles see sales take off

Gold anyone?

Maybe it’s because gold has dropped below $900 an ounce. Maybe it’s the economy (good or bad) turning folks’ focus to bullion coins. But whatever the reason, gold bullion sales are once again off and running.

After skyrocketing the last week of March to sales of 129,500, at a time when gold hovered around $928 an ounce, the one ounce gold had returned to more conservative sales levels of 32, 00 and then 42,500 a week.

But the race is on again, with sales almost doubling from last week to 86,000.

Silver saw a boost as well, not reaching its March high of 1,725,500, but bringing in a respectable 1,293,000.Will the sales continue upward? Stay tuned.

As for the Harrison dollar rolls, as we expected last week, the Denver roll is now sold out as well as the Philadelphia roll.

Although the Puerto Rico 1,000-coin bags are sold out for both the Philadelphia and Denver mintmark, sales for both mintmarks of the 100-bags were up more than 3,000 each from the previous week.

Sales for the 2009 Native American 250 coin rolls remained steady, as did those for First Spouse coins. The Louis Braille silver dollar saw a slight increase from last week’s sales, but it’s not setting any records.

As for me, I have a baptism to mark with a gift of a special coin. So I’ll do my part to help sales for next week.

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