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1907 UHR among ANA displays

An ultra high relief Saint-Gaudens $20 pattern from 1907 that President Theodore Roosevelt gave to his daughter Ethel for Christmas that year will be one of 20 pieces from the Smithsonian Institution that will be on display during the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money Aug. 5-9 in Los Angeles.

Though it is not the most storied piece in the exhibit, it is particularly apt since this year the U.S. Mint struck its 2009 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens collector proof to share Roosevelt’s dream coin with all collectors who want one.

Also from the National Numismatic Collection will be a 1933 $20, the last double eagle struck while the United States was on the international gold standard.

Combined with the pattern 1849 $20, the two pieces bookend the entire U.S. double eagle series, which was authorized by Congress following the discovery of gold in California.

The ANA also promises to display four of the five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels in Los Angeles and a 490-year-old original copy of the first illustrated, printed numismatic book Illustrium Imagines (“Images of the Illustrious”).

In addition to its educational aspects, the convention marks the informal end of the summer market doldrums and the commencement of the autumn collecting season.

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