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Dix Noonan Webb Auction 165 Brings British Coinage and Medals

by Thomas Michael

The Dix Noonan and Webb auction 165 of Coins, Tokens and Historical Medals set to close on Dec. 4 and 5, 2019, hosts a glorious selection of collector coins. Arrayed in group lots and singles for the stronger material, this sale offers all types of British coins, tokens, and medals suitable for collectors at every level of the hobby and ripe for brick and mortar shop dealers looking to restock specific areas for their local business. I always like the selection at DNW, as they never leave any segment of the market wanting.

With a stunningly low mintage of 932 pieces, the 1934 Crown is always in high demand. The Freestone example grades good EF and will likely cost its new owner between $4,000 and $5,500 hammer, plus the juice.

Of particular interest for specialists is the Gordon Freestone Collection of 20th-century British coins. Offering some of the most sought after coins issued under Edward VII, such as the 1903, 1904 and 1905 Halfcrowns, Freestone must have upgraded continually to build up to this high caliber of grade and rarity. A beautiful run of George V Crowns is capped by one of the finest known 1934 specimens I’ve yet seen. The lesser dates in Freestone’s collection make for choice opportunities to get a jump start on a collection of your own or for dealers to build high-quality stock.

From typical collector types at reasonable prices to high-flying coins such as the Henry IV gold Noble struck at Calais, which appears to remain today as it was originally struck in 1399, this auction has something to interest anyone involved in British coinage. Checkout the DNW website or numisbids.com portal to view lots, get registered and begin bidding. You have just over 20 days left before this auction closes.

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