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Sacagawea dollar sales open with strength

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She?s back. She?s pretty popular, too. Some collectors are succumbing to her charms and ordering up bags and rolls of the 2007 Sacagawea dollar. Demand has started rather strong, coming in at nearly 20 percent of the final sales numbers for the 2006 date. That?s not bad for less than a week?s worth of availability. Have you ordered your 2007 Sac coins yet?


The 2007 proof silver American Eagle sales have just begun. The small number indicated is not a reflection of demand, just the fact that sales just opened as this is written. Price this year is $29.95 each. Will the higher price deter sales or just confirm in everybody?s mind that things made of silver are getting progressively more valuable because of what is going on in the bullion markets?

We?ve adjusted the Jamestown box to reflect the American Legacy set, which will include the proof dollar.