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Nominate someone for Ambassador Award

Ever feel unappreciated? Well, I can

Ever feel unappreciated? Well, I can?t make your spouse or your kids change their behavior, but I can offer a remedy of sorts.

Nominate someone for a Numismatic Ambassador Award. It is dedicated to individuals who make our organized hobby what it is. These people often go unrecognized and might even be simply taken for granted. They often are, in a word, unappreciated.

Who do you know who can give a talk at a club meeting with hardly any notice?

Who do you call on to set tables up at the local VFW hall for the annual club show?

When National Coin Week rolls around, who is out there taking charge and making sure that the special time period doesn?t pass by without some numismatic element put before the noncollecting public?

There might even be someone you know who takes charge of the Young Numismatists program, or puts out the club newsletter. Who maintains your club Web site, or takes the headaches of serving as officer?

A good club secretary is worth his or her weight in gold.

If any of these strike a chord with you, take a step toward showing that potential winner you care by nominating him or her for an Ambassador Award.

The handy form below is there to help you in the nominating process. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. You can feel free to add to it by writing additional material on other sheets of paper or attach computer files to your e-mailed response.

The form is intended as a guide, not as a one-size-fits-all, undertaking. If the person you have in mind has outstanding qualities that have benefited the hobby, describe them. Only you and other people who know the potential nominee know what qualities make him or her so outstanding.
Deadline for submission is Dec. 14. It may not seem that we are giving you enough time to gather your thoughts, but our experience is that if you don?t do it in a day or two after reading this, you are not likely to follow through.
So let me crack that whip on behalf of the unappreciated of the hobby. Give some thought as to where the best place might be to give the award. It is always nice if we can extend the recognition in a manner where friends, family and fellow hobbyists can be present. After all, the point is a public thank you, a public recognition that all the hours of work and effort have not gone unnoticed.

The first Ambassador Award was given in 1974 to Charlie Colver. He died some years ago, but I always think about him as the quintessential Ambassador. He was nice. He was active. He accomplished many things in his life and in his hobby career. He even had a mountain named after him in California at his retirement.

What is it that makes a Numismatic Ambassador? Only you know for sure. Please share your knowledge with us.

There. You have decided to nominate someone for an Ambassador Award. I hope it makes you feel better. You never know, someone else might have just decided to nominate you, too.

Click here to download the Numismatic Ambassador nomination form.