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Mini-surge in sales recorded before ending

There was a mini-sales surge for proof Buffalo one-ounce coins before the Mint suspended sales.

If you read the article, Mint halts sales of gold proof Buffaloes and "W" uncirculated platinum American Eagles, you will know that proof Buffalo one-ounce coins and ?W? uncirculated platinum American Eagles sales were suspended by the Mint because of rising prices of the precious metals.


There was a mini-sales surge for the Buffalo coins of 3,759 pieces before that happened. The one-ounce platinum ?W? unc. saw sales of 229 to bring the total to 1,062 before it went off sale.

The regular clad 14-coin clad proof set passed the million mark. The 2006 mint set is ready to be replaced by the 2007 set, so note the number this week.
Perhaps the Mint should take the Little Rock Coin and Medal Set off sale. It is still 651 coins shy of a sellout.