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Jamestown commems rush out of the gate

Statistics on the Jamestown commemorative coins replace those of the San Francisco Old Mint.
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The first sales figures for the Jamestown tercentenary commemorative silver dollars and gold $5s became available this week from the U.S. Mint, replacing the San Francisco Old Mint commem figures at top center.


As one staffer here noted, the silver dollar options and uncirculated gold $5 have already reached sales levels of more than half of what the like San Francisco pieces totaled.

Is this a typical initial sales rush, or do the Jamestown coins simply have broader appeal? Are you buying?

If you?ve been wondering where the 2007 proof gold Buffalo one-ounce coins are, well, I?ll tell you. They are tentatively due out from the Mint as of April 27. A production schedule change moved them from Feb. 5 release to the late April timing, we?re told.

Have you purchased commemorative coins in recent years? Which buys are you happiest with? Let us know at e-mail