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Dispute ends

Parties in dispute over ANA museum naming rights bury the hatchet. Museum to be named for Ed Rochette.
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An agreement was reached to name the American Numismatic Association Money Museum after Edward C. Rochette on Dec. 5 at a meeting in Iola, Wis., of ANA President William H. Horton Jr., ANA Executive Director Christopher Cipoletti and former ANA fund raisers Clifford Mishler and Chester L. Krause.

This settled a dispute that has been ongoing since July that burst onto the pages of the hobby press seven weeks ago.

Mishler, Krause and an anonymous third donor together contributed $500,000 to have the museum named for Rochette. ANA initially insisted that it would name only the main gallery for him.

Krause, who is in the ANA Hall of Fame and is founder of Numismatic News, resigned his life membership in protest in a Nov. 11 letter, withdrew that resignation as part of the agreement.

?Friends sometimes have disagreements and misunderstandings, but committed friends can resolve their differences,? said Horton following the meeting.

The breakthrough occurred after the ANA board and Cipoletti were made aware of a November 2000 ANA press release indicating that a $500,000 donation would result in the donor?s name being prominently associated with the museum.

Public recognition of the museum naming will be conducted this coming July with appropriate fanfare and ceremony when hundreds of collectors from across the country will attend the annual ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colo.

?I?m shocked and overjoyed,? said Mishler following release of the joint statement.

Rochette is a former ANA president, executive director and editor of The Numismatist. He also was instrumental in the founding of the annual Summer Seminars.