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Confusion over Marine dollar sellout remains

Mint Statistics writer tries to clarify ordering status of the Marine commemorative.

So was it a sellout or not?

That’s the question a lot of U.S. Mint customers are asking these days in reference to the U.S. Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Silver Dollar.

Since the sellout was announced by the Mint on Sept. 15, I’ve received a number of calls from readers who’ve said the Mint is still taking orders for the coin. And as our Page 4 story on the matter says, the Mint is indeed doing just that. What gives, you may ask?

Well, it seems that just like in the movie “Cool Hand Luke,” what we have here is a failure to communicate.

As I understand it, the Mint is supposed to inform those who ordered the commemorative around that Sept. 15 date that it might not be able to fulfill their orders.

In essence, they’re being put on a waiting list. Why? Because it’s likely some orders that came in earlier will be cancelled. It might be because somebody’s credit card didn’t go through or maybe a customer did not give the Mint the correct mailing address.

Whatever the reason, if an order is cancelled, the next person in line from that waiting list will then have his or her order fulfilled.

Here’s the catch: the Mint says it cannot tell those on the waiting list where they stand. You might be first or you might be No. 3,348. And you won’t know what the status is until you get notification that, “Yes, your order has been fulfilled,” or “No, we’re sorry but your order cannot be fulfilled. Tough luck, kid.” Actually, you probably won’t hear that last line.

But callers have told me they were not informed of those provisos when they submitted their orders.

Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion. As Forrest Gump says, that’s all I have to say about that.

As far as the boxes go, there’s a few items of note. The 2005 uncirculated set has eclipsed the 1 million mark in sales. Of course, that set is getting lapped by the 2005 11-coin clad proof set, which broke the 2 million mark a while back.

You might also want to keep an eye on the 2005 American Bison nickel numbers. The 1,000-coin “P” bags of Bison nickels have already sold out and it appears the other bags aren’t far behind.

The days of Kansas state quarters are also numbered. Sales of the so-called buffalo quarter appear to be creeping upward. But soon, Kansas’ run will end.

On Oct. 14, the West Virginia state quarter will be launched. The last of the 2005 state quarters, West Virginia features an artist’s rendering of the New River Gorge Bridge. It’s actually one of my favorite state quarter designs, just a simple, clean image of one of the state’s most prominent landmarks.
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