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Are those Eagles April coins or May coins?

My dad was an accountant. That

My dad was an accountant. That?s a good thing. It means I know that numbers can change and be moved around. Keep that in mind as you look at the April silver American Eagle total. It was drastically reduced to just 41,000. Last week we reported 1,425,000. An initial number for May totals of 1,584,000 is larger than the numbers lost in April. Did the accountants shift most of the April total into May? That is my expectation, but I have not had confirmation yet from the Mint.

The April gold totals inched up a tad for the one-ounce American Eagle. The rest held steady as did the platinum Eagle numbers.

Other product numbers are pretty routine. Totals moved ahead in a manner that does little to surprise or inspire commentary of any kind.

New products are entering the market. The 2008 proof platinum American Eagles have now gone on sale and that means their sales numbers should appear soon and the 2007 column moves off the page into history.