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April's dry period a little light on news items

Sales figures return to Web site version Mint Stats.

April is the month where anything can happen with the weather. It can be sunny and in the mid-50s one day, snowy and cold the next. That?s spring in Wisconsin.

This might be a bit of a stretch, but it?s a little like poker: you can have an ace and a king and think there?s no way you can lose, and then the guy holding a 10 and a two draws two 10s and you get nothing to help you. That?s life.

There goes that fat pot that seemed destined for your pocket.

Numismatically speaking, April 2006 is nowhere near as exciting. Only two new Mint products are scheduled for release: the Nebraska quarter and the Nebraska Official First-Day Coin Cover.

It?s a far cry from thrill of the Benjamin Franklin commemorative release.
With regard to the boxes below, there?s scant news to report. Nevada quarter figures are gasping and wheezing to the finish line, ready to pass the baton to Nebraska.

Sales of the new proof 2006 platinum American Eagles seem light, as you can see below. I guess the lovely legislative muse design won?t overcome customers? reluctance to pay high platinum prices.

A reader wrote to address my space concerns. He was for removing the state quarter production box. If you have thoughts on the matter, please e-mail me at

I can see his point. Does anybody really need those 1999 figures for Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia and Connecticut? If you do, speak up now.