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ANS honors Chet Krause

Numismatic News founder Chet Krause was honored by the ANS on Jan. 11 in New York City.

It was fall of 1952 when Chester L. Krause, pictured below, published the first edition of Numsimatic News. For that, and the distinguished publishing career that followed, Krause was honored Jan. 11 by the American Numismatic Society at its 2007 Annual Dinner Gala in New York City.

?That Chet Krause was a pioneering numismatic publisher is beyond question,? said Cliff Mishler, an ANS Council member and former chairman of Krause Publications, Iola, Wis.


For more than 40 years, Mishler worked closely with Krause and watched the business grow.

?It became the business entity Krause Publications that touched such a wide breadth of the North American numismatic community,? Mishler told the approximately 200 people gathered in a ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

?Then, he reached out to the world through the promulgation of the Standard Catalog concept that placed specialized knowledge in the hands of Joe and Jane Collector ? not just about coins and paper money, but also about antique automobiles and firearms, collectible comics and records, and on to baseball cards and memorabilia, along with toys and a number of other collector interest categories.?

Mishler invited comments from Ed Rochette, whom Krause had hired as editor of Numsimatic News in 1960.

?Thus began my long association with the man I feel is more responsible for the success of our hobby than any other person,? Rochette said.

?I dare say that I cannot think of anyone, be it a hobbyist or a professional, who has done more for numismatics than Chet Krause,? Rochette said. ?There would be no weekly journals. ... Chet?s greatest contribution to our field is the many Standard Catalogs Krause Publications has issued. Every conceivable facet of the field has been covered ? coins, tokens, medals ? and in the field of world coins it leveled the playing field for both collectors and dealers.?

?I believe no one here this evening has not benefited by all that he has done for the hobby,? Rochette concluded.

Mishler then called Krause to the podium, saying ?Chet, all of us gathered here this evening are honored to have been part of your 70-year hobby community tableau, and to have the opportunity to pay honor to you as an individual and for your accomplishments and contributions on this special occasion.?

Krause thanked the ANS and those attending, and recognized family and friends seated at his table who had traveled to New York City to participate in the evening. He also thanked Krause Publications for its preparation of a booklet of tributes from hobby personages.

?There are a lot of things I want to say,? Krause said, but ?I?ve learned the most important words number only two: Thank you.?

Afterward, a charity auction of donated items raised about $135,000 for the ANS.