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2005 11-coin clad proof set approaches milestone

Almost two million sets sold so far this year.

Break out the noisemakers and let balloons and streamers fall from above.
No, Ed McMahon isn’t coming with a check from Publisher’s Clearing House.

What’s happening is the Mint will soon record 2 million sales of the 2005 11-coin clad set. That’s quite a feat for any product, especially with three more months left in the year.

As of Sept. 6, 1,999,520 had been sold. I’ve been keeping an eye on it the past few weeks and was hoping to report this week that the 2 million mark had been reached. But, alas, it hadn’t happened by the time Numismatic News went to press.

There are other items of note this week in the boxes. Sales figures for the Kansas quarter have been included for the first time. The early numbers for Kansas are pretty strong, with a total of 27,036 100-coin bags sold since the Aug. 29 release date. In all, a total of 40,348 100-coin bags of Oregon quarters were sold. Also, 58,813 two-roll sets of Kansas quarters have been bought up.

What’s driving sales? It might be the reverse design, which features the ever popular buffalo. Just look at how collectors salivated over the return of the Buffalo nickel in 2005.

If bullion is your game, the final August bullion sales figures are in. Silver rebounded to record 615,000 in sales of one-ounce coins. May, June and July saw sales figures of 315,000, 400,000 and 355,000, respectively. The last time sales of silver bullion broke the 600,000 barrier was March.

Even with the resurgence, silver bullion sales are still lagging behind totals recorded in January and December, when the Mint reported 1,095,000 and 2,622,500, respectively. We’ll have to wait to see what happens this winter to make more complete comparisons.

Platinum and gold also saw improvement, with 49,500 gold bullion coins sold, compared to 32,500 in July and 31,000 in June. Platinum bounced back as well, with 5,800 coins sold. It’s the biggest month platinum has had since January, when 16,100 coins were bought.

Let’s take a look back at platinum this year, shall we. In May, 600 platinum bullion coins were sold. One month later, in June, that number rose to 3,300, but July was a big goose egg – no sales.

Initial bullion sales figures for September were removed for space. The only sales reported as of Sept. 1 were 1,000 ounces of half-ounce gold bullion and 100,000 of one-ounce silver bullion.

Check with the state quarter production box for final mintages of the Oregon state quarter.

Look for the release of the Kansas State Quarter Official First-Day Coin Cover Sept. 26. Until then, write to me at if you have any questions.