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Online Advertising Guide

E-newsletter “advertorials”

Our Numismatic Update e-news readers are proven enthusiasts hungry for hobby-related knowledge and products. This is evident in their loyalty and willingness to opt-in to receive our weekly e-newsletters.

An e-news advertorial is a great way to present your marketing message in a format that our readers are accustomed to; AND, in a product they desire & trust.

An “advertorial,” as the name implies, is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. Just submit a short “teaser” paragraph (75 words or less) about your product, service, auction, event, etc… and we’ll format it into an advertorial placed amongst our regular weekly editorial stories.

In addition to your full-color company logo or a photo, we provide a direct LIVE LINK that will drive interested readers—and potential customers—to your website!

Use advertorials to:

introduce a new product or service
announce your weekly/monthly specials
preview a show or auction
promote an online-only special offer
supplement an existing print ad campaign
remind readers about a previous offer or deadline

Advertorial rates:









Krause Publications reserves the right to identify advertorials to our readers via a small “This is a paid advertisement” disclaimer message located at the top of each advertorial.


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