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Numismatic News Celebrates its 60th Anniversary


Sixty years ago, Chester L. Krause sat down at a library desk in his family’s home and produced the very first issue of Numismatic News. The one sheet, single-sided first issue was distributed to just a handful of collectors.

Numismatic News would grow from one sheet to the number one information source for coin collectors and “just plain Chet” would go on to build Krause Publications, one of the largest publishers of collectibles and hobby books and magazines.

This section of numismaticnews.com will provide a look back at some of the many great stories that have appeared in the News during its 60-year history.

The First Issue

Volume I, Number 1, Monday, October 13, 1952

In these two excerpts from the very first issue of Numismatic News, Chet Krause writes the first of his many letters to his readers. He explains  his motivation for starting Numismatic News and outlines … Continue reading

The 1950s

Through most of the 1950s, Numismatic News existed as a shopper, with a few news stories sprinkled in. As the paper began to grow and expand, Chet’s kitchen table could no longer handle the output and the News was forced to seek a different place of operation.

March 2, 1953: Caches Found

Numismatic News has always brought its readers stories of great coin finds. This selection tells the story of … Continue reading

Editorially Yours: 1954

Numismatic News was meant to be a paper published for collectors, by a collector. Chet valued his readers’ (who he viewed as his peers) input so he established a regular correspondence with them … Continue reading

Monday, January 5, 1959: New Reverse for 1959 Lincoln Cent

As 1960 approached, the News continued to grow. What started out as a shopper meant to connect buyers and sellers, grew into a full-fledged newspaper … Continue reading

Monday, February 16, 1959: Numismatic News Begins Publishing Semi-Monthly

In February of 1959, Numismatic News made the the big decision to switch from publishing … Continue reading

May 4, 1959: Money as a Deadly Weapon?

There always have been many different uses for money. This article, from the May 4, 1959 issue of Numismatic News, explores … Continue reading

The 1960s

As Numismatic News moved into its second decade of existence, the paper further established itself as one of the leading numismatic publications. The News made great strides in its news reporting, covering everything from simple, humorous, human interest stories to breaking numismatic news.

Monday, March 21, 1960: Shower Baths Wash Silver From Employees at the Mint

A little bit of everything could be found in Numismatic News Continue reading

Monday, May 2, 1960: Letter Box

Chet Krause valued correspondence with his readers. The Letter Box was a Numismatic News staple from the very beginning. Readers could … Continue reading

Monday, October 2, 1961: Missouri County “Secedes” “Stamps and Coins” Issued 

As Numismatic News expanded, the scope of its reporting became more diverse … Continue reading

January 6, 1964: Johnson Signs Bill For Kennedy Half-Dollar

Numismatic News provided in-depth coverage on some of the most important moments in numismatic history. This except, from January of 1964, covers the passing of the bill … Continue reading

August 2, 1965: Coinage Act of 1965 Signed by President

The Coinage Act of 1965 had a huge impact on coin collecting. Due to concerns of a silver shortage, the Act started the minting … Continue reading

January 15, 1968: Mint Marks Reappear on Coinage of 1968

The absence of mintmarks from American coinage did not last long. In 1968, mintmarks … Continue reading

The 1970s

The 1970s were a time of growth, not just for Numismatic News, but for all of Krause Publications around it. The company that the News helped to build expanded into the book market, releasing the Standard Catalog of Worlds Coins in 1972 and the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money in 1974.

March 24, 1970: Small Date Cents Also Found in Proof; 54 Rolls Plucked from Early Production

Quite a stir was created in 1970 when it was discovered that cent coins were being minted with two different date sizes. Collectors … Continue reading

March 24, 1970: “Dinky Coins” Teach Metrics

The 1970s saw an expansion in the world-wide coverage of Numismatic News. The News reached across the globe to … Continue reading

March 30, 1971: Frisco to Strike First Ike Silver Dollars March 31

The next of the steady stream of dollar coins was released in 1971. The new coins featured  … Continue reading

March 7, 1972: More than Century of coin History in Krause Catalog

In 1972, Krause Publications released the first issue of the Standard Catalog of World Coins, the most … Continue reading

May 30, 1972: New ANA Authentication Service Starts June 15

In 1972, the quest for reliable authentication of coins took a huge step forward with the establishment of the … Continue reading

July 25, 1972: ‘Double Die’ Cents Discovered in East

1972 marked the discovery of the “Double Die” cent. This story in Numismatic News, covers … Continue reading

April 5, 1975: Mint Slates Striking of Bicentennial Coins

The coins celebrating the Bicentennial of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence were some of the … Continue reading

May 3, 1975: Aluminum Cent Patterns ‘Lost’ on Capitol Hill

In 1975, the patterns for proposed aluminum cents disappeared on Capitol Hill. What would ensue became … Continue reading

August 2, 1975: Shakespeare’s Coin References Aid Audience Identification With Plays

Numismatic News has always provided interesting perspectives in many of its features. In this except from one such feature … Continue reading

October 7, 1978: Mini-Dollar is Approved!

Not all great ideas pan out. This story, from the October 7, 1978 issue of Numismatic News, covers the passing of the bill approving the striking of the Susan B. Anthony dollar … Continue reading

The 1980s

In the 1980s, Numismatic News was entering its prime. The combination of its increased journalistic capabilities and a wealth of great stories helped to lead to one of the best decades for the News.

March 6, 1982: Coin Theft at NY Fed Bank Includes ‘Unwanted Coins’

The Susan B. Anthony dollar was one of the most unpopular coins in the history of American coinage. Fortunately, as this story … Continue reading

December 4, 1982: Judge sends thousands of $22 bills to shredder

There has never been a shortage of interesting money related stories. This excerpt, from the December 4, 1982 issue of Numismatic News, illustrates … Continue reading

January 29, 1983: No-mint-mark 1982 dime discovered

Error coins always create a stir among coin collectors. In 1983, dimes without mintmarks began … Continue reading

March 5, 1983: Coins a lifesaver

Coin collecting can be a very rewarding hobby. It may even save your life … Continue reading

July 9, 1985: Liberty coins approved

There have been may successful commemorative coin programs. In 1985, the Statue of Liberty commemorative coin act … Continue reading

September 23, 1986: First gold bullion coin struck

The Gold Bullion Act of 1985 authorized the minting a gold bullion coin available for public purchase. On September 23, 1986 … Continue reading

January 14, 1986: Space Shuttle to take Liberty coins

There have been many moments where coins have been a part of history. Unfortunately, they were not always part of history in the way that was originally intended … Continue reading

November 18, 1986: First silver struck in San Francisco

On the heels of the success of the American gold bullion program came the silver Eagle. Once again, Numismatic News was … Continue reading

The 1990s

The 1990s were a decade of change. The United States introduced new currency and a new dollar coin in preparation for the new millennium. Numismatic News continued to change and grow as the country did around it.

May 29, 1990: Computer grading! PCGS scores technological breakthrough

Computers made a major breakthrough in the 1990s. Their influence was even … Continue reading

June 5, 1990: Young researcher amassing data for definitive volume

In its June 5, 1990 issue, Numismatic News brought to its readers the story of an inspiring … Continue reading

October 10, 1995: Wow! New $100

It has always been a constant race by those who make the money to keep one step ahead of counterfeiters. The United States took … Continue reading

December 7, 1999: Dollar rolls off press

As the 1990s wound down, everyone prepared for a new millennium. And with a new millennium, came … Continue reading

The 2000s

The 2000s were a new millennium that spent much of its time looking back on the past. One of the 1974 aluminum cents  surfaced and the United States Mint released the commemorative Buffalo silver dollar. Numismatic News also looked back to the past as the paper celebrated its 50th and 55th anniversaries.

February 20, 2001: Look quick: aluminum

Nearly thirty years after their mysterious disappearance, one of the elusive 1974 aluminum cents surfaced in 2001 … Continue reading

May 22, 2001: First Buffalo dollars struck

Capturing the mystique of the classic Buffalo nickel, the United States Mint released the American Buffalo Commemorative silver dollar in 2001 … Continue reading

March 4, 2003: Snowy day snags make for more Ray musings

Slow news days are a part of life. Many times days like these allow columnists to show their more creative side. In this entertaining column … Continue reading

Aug. 26, 2003: Banana label on note

In August of 2003, Numismatic News reported the interesting story of the discovery of a $20 note that had … Continue reading