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“I find Numismatic News to be the most informative publication of the others that I receive. Your ‘Class of ’63’ is always informative, and the letters from readers are worth the cost of the magazine by itself. Keep up the good work!” – Paul G., Ga.


“I dealt with your staff on our Fall show and was so very impressed with your speed of responses and professionalism that I decided to re-subscribe to your magazine. I had stopped subscriptions to all magazines several years ago. Now, I feel like I had missed something all these years. And it is due to you and your fellow staffers.” – Joe, Evansville (Ind.) Coin Club


“I had to tell you about a coin deal that I purchased last week. A customer that had sold me some silver coin and sterling flatware several years ago called me and said she had more coins and flatware.

“When I arrived at her house, she had a dozen old sterling collector spoons from the late 1800s, candlestick holders and a small box of U.S. proof sets. The proof sets were a run of one each from 1975-1996. I was quite disappointed to see these since many are worth not much more than face value. I didn’t even bother checking the sets to make sure that the coins were in the correct case and not damaged.

“After letting the box sit in the corner for two days, I decided to look at the sets and check the 1979 and 1981 for Type 2 varieties, No luck. Then I decided to check the 1990 set for the ‘No S.’ I failed to mention that none of the sets appeared to have ever been opened.

“I couldn’t believe it when I opened the set and saw the cent with no mintmark. I probably wouldn’t have looked if it hadn’t been for the coverage Numismatic News had been giving the 1990 sets.

“Before I contact the customer to let her know that she will be getting an extra bonus check, I must now find someone interested in purchasing it. I just had to let you know that, thanks to you, another set has been identified.” – Mark Wieclaw, Chicago, Ill.


“Thank you and as a reader of Numismatic News for 3 years now, keep up the good work.” – Jason E., Board member for The International Coin Club of El Paso, in response to show calendar customer service


“Thanks for the great service! Your work is always timely and accurate!” – American Rare Coin, Kansas City, Mo., in response to show calendar customer service


“Thanks for all your work on confirming our show date adverts with NN and BNR…Your publications’ ads help make our club shows successful.” – S.K., West Hernando Coin Club, in response to show calendar customer service


“Your article [Medal celebrates Liberty Head Design] became the catalyst to a major sales campaign for this issue, based on the tracked conversions originating from your NN webpage. Of the 750 pieces struck, there are only 140 left for sale. I’d foresee a sellout within another week’s time, and have diligently been preparing shipments to the nicest group of collectors in our industry. I cannot thank you enough, this story has been very well received.” – Jared Grove, NN letter to the editor


“Thanks. Enjoy your news paper.” – Elvis Moore, in response to show calendar customer service


“Thank you so much for everything! It’s greatly appreciated by myself and the coin club.” – Mike McDonald, in response to show calendar customer service


“I was recently elected President of the Lower Cape Fear Coin Club, so 20 years after my first term and I was trying to get things turned around. Got some help from Rich Jewel of PAN, who gave me April Krueger’s email and Dave Littleton, who sent us some handouts. But, the purpose of this email is to tell you what two great staff members NN has in these two ladies [April Krueger and Kim Frankenhoff]. Lots of help, always friendly AND they got the job done. Great team.” – Ray Flanigan, in response to advertising and show calendar customer service


“Sincere thanks to you, and writer Debbie Bradley, for featuring Army Sgt. Jarrett Briscoe’s request for you to return a 1918 Wheat cent he received in change somewhere in the Middle East to a café in Iola, WI. Ms. Bradley’s story is beautifully written, and just perfect for the issue dated so close to Memorial Day.” –Peter Keefer, NN letter to the editor


“Congratulations on the revised, revamped, new and improved Numismatic News website. It looks quite nice!” – Donn Pearlman, NN letter to the editor


“I am writing this to thank Numismatic News … Thanks to your article about having some distributors possibly still having some of the 2010 bullion ATB 5-ounce, I searched the Authorized Purchasers’ websites you published.” – Jeff Lippitt, NN letter to the editor


“Bringing historically important collectible currency to the marketplace is exciting. Through our advertisements in the Bank Note Reporter we’ve placed individual items from $5 to well over $500,000 with enthusiastic collectors.” – Fred Bart, BNR advertiser


“I want to start by saying THANK YOU to Numismatic News for your informative paper! With your help I was able to acquire my set! “ – Name withheld, NN letter to the editor


On a Coins magazine cover on Facebook: “The best magazine in the hobby today! The articles are rich in history and very informative. Coin Finds and Coin Clinic are my favorite parts. The price guide is very good as well. Keep up the good work!” – Joshua Holman


On the relaunched NumismaticNews.net: “Thank you for the informative articles!” Veronica Gomez, Facebook


“KRAUSE ROCKS! If you don’t know Krause, you need to!” – Laura Zawacki, Bags Unlimited, Facebook


“Thanks for assisting me, Scott – I deal in world coins and currency (full-time and at shows), so Krause is my ‘bible!’” – Inge Burbank, J&J Coins, via LinkedIn


“If you’re genuinely interested in paper money, you have no business not subscribing to Bank Note Reporter at the pittance charged!” – Ed Rothberg, Emporium Coins & Currency, Bank Note Reporter advertiser


“Numismatic News is a great periodical. I am thoroughly intrigued by the ‘Letters’ section. In ‘Letters’ are honest opinions of our hobby, both good and bad. … I, for one, am glad I have the ability and the resources NN provides in order to get items many people won’t even hear about for years.” – James Waters, NN subscriber


On the Decades folders: “Good idea, should spark some new interest in collecting.” – Joe Flanagan, Facebook