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Familiar Presidents to boost series

Starting in 2013, the new dollar issues begin to honor Presidents who have served in the 20th century and whose reputations can much more immediately be called to mind by average coin collectors. Continue reading

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Mint Stats: Chester Arthur back on press

It’s definite. The U.S. Mint will strike more Chester Arthur dollar coins. Last week sales numbers vaulted totals to over 6 million coins, a figure in excess of the 5.74 million that had been minted and reported. This week added additional coins to that figure. Continue reading

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Presidential designs reviewed

Four more Presidential $1 coins will be released in 2013, and now is the time to select the designs. The Commission of Fine Arts named its favorite designs for William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson when it met Sept. 15. In all, the CFA reviewed 44 possible designs, according to CFA Secretary Tom Luebke. Continue reading

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