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Are buyers of Bitcoin going to get burned?

Editor David C. Harper wants to know:

Are buyers of Bitcoin going to get burned?

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One Response to Are buyers of Bitcoin going to get burned?

  1. ljd08190819@hotmail.com says:

    Every year our cent coin comes up as a topic concerning its existence. For a few years the cost of minting is more than the value of the cent. The Lincoln cent does have a huge collection base. As one of those collectors , I think that it should continue to be minted. I think that the Mint could limit the amount of coins it produces. That way we could see what effects the lower mintage has after a period of time. If the cent was eliminated , I would hope that a collectors coin would be produced for all of those who would be interested in continuing the tradition of the Lincoln cent. Leo Darmstadter Vineland , New Jersey

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