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Free Numismatic Downloads

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As a gift to our valued numismatic followers, please feel free to download any of the following numismatic PDFs on various topics from the Numismaster.com experts.


U.S. Type Identification Guide

Download: PDF

Full color images of silver, gold, clad, alloy and war coinage. Details the features of historic U.S. denominations, from half cents through double eagles.


Instant Identifier: A Guide to 20th Century Coins

Download: PDF

A visual guide that contains alphabetical listings of world coins of the 20th century with enlarged images and details for easy identification.


How to Store Coins

Download: PDF

Outlines the advantages and disadvantages to coin storage methods, storage for beginners and safe storage for graded coins.


Grading Paper Money

Download: PDF

Includes defining features of each major grade, details to look for in a doctored note and the dilemma within paper money grading.


Grading Uncirculated U.S. Coins

Download: PDF

An easy-to-understand guide to studying uncirculated and graded coins.


Grading Circulated U.S. Coins

Download: PDF

A visual guide that includes full color images of nine grades, identifying features of each grade and techniques on how to grade coins confidently.


Collecting and Handling Coins

Download: PDF

Offers collecting methods to consider, as well as proper handling techniques and concerns.


American Eagles: More than Just Bullion

Download: PDF

Your guide to today’s prime gold collecting opportunity that explains why American Eagles are not just for investors. It outlines notable American Eagles and what they offer collectors.


18th Century European Coin Legends

Download: PDF

A thorough guide that details the most common legends and abbreviations, offers exhaustive alphabetical listings of coin legends, and includes translations and issuer information.


Coin Conditions and Grading

Download: PDF

An easy guide that includes the basics of coin grading, definitions of major grades and the features that affect coin grades.


International Number Systems Chart

Download: PDF

Instant access to the comprehensive guide on global number systems with translations from 0 through 1,000. Includes: Eastern, Arabic, Asian, Eastern European and African numerals.

World Currency Denominations Index

Download: PDF

This guide includes a comprehensive alphabetical listing of currency denominations, shows nations grouped by denomination, and includes major fantasy and territory issues.