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Coin of the Year eBook – just $5 with any purchase

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A Celebration of Excellence

For three decades, the Krause Coin of the Year Award has come to symbolize the highest achievement in international numismatic design, artistic vision, and craftsmanship. Now you can celebrate this remarkable work in its entirety with Coin of the Year, a lavish, full-color salute to the winners of this prestigious annual competition.

Featuring the obverse and reverse images of winning coins from the past thirty years, as well as invaluable collector information and back story, Coin of the Year provides a complete and impressive tribute to the finest modern commemorative coins in the world.

Conceived by Krause Publications’ founder Chet Krause and former President and CEO Cliff Mishler, the Coin of the Year took root in 1984, and has since evolved into an international symbol of accomplishment and recognition of numismatic creativity. Filled with images of several hundred stunning coins, you will revel in the notable efforts and execution of mints, artisans, and inspired numismatists worldwide in this well deserved salute to excellence.

Offer ends Aug. 31!


Just $5 with any purchase!


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