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Coin collection grows, one country at a time

I call it the family coin collection. It was started 100 years ago by my grandfather who collected Indian Head and Lincoln cents. As a young girl I spent many rainy afternoons searching through his tins of coins and filling … Continue reading

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Dinosaur coin is cool

Any parent of a college student knows that there will be a gap in communications for about five years. With classes, friends, studying and fun time occupying them 24/7, there is little time for keeping in touch with the homefront. … Continue reading

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Don’t abolish U.S. cent

I am a practical, logical person. No one would ever say I’m frivolous. But when it comes to talk of eliminating the Lincoln cent, I get a bit irrational. Canada has decided to phase out its cent at the end … Continue reading

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It’s Never too Late to Learn

If you’re lucky enough to have a great job, you’re probably surrounded by great people. The two go hand in hand. Any numismatist out there would most likely agree that I have one of the greatest jobs around. Day in … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Careful Out There

It happens way too often. A dealer packs up his car after a coin show and heads for home. It’s only a three- or four- hour drive. Makes no sense to fly. It’s been a long week, he’s tired and … Continue reading

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There’s No Right or Wrong Way to Collect

I collect Christmas and Mother’s Day plates made by Royal Copenhagen. Or at least I used to. Today the plates are in a box in the basement, and for that I feel a bit guilty. The first year I was … Continue reading

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Not with a bang, but a whimper

Shhhh. I’ve got a secret. But I’ll share. The U.S. Mint is offering a 2012 Birth Set. It’s set for release at noon March 13. Yes, for real. But for some reason, the Mint decided  not to say anything about … Continue reading

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Let’s start a conversation

So, let’s talk about coins. Or the U.S. Mint. Or wooden nickels. Let’s start a conversation. I’m Debbie Bradley, editorial director of numismatic magazines at Krause Publications. I collect Lincoln cents, hockey pucks (the 5-ounce silver kind) and word coins with bears on them. Continue reading

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