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Check those dollar bills

Numismatics made the front page of the “Wall Street Journal” yesterday. Examined was the collecting of fancy serial numbers on U.S. paper money. These numbers are sequences in ascending or descending order, solid numbers of all one digit and things … Continue reading

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End of mail orders to Mint

No more mail orders will be accepted by the U.S. Mint after Sept. 30, 2016. The announcement was made this morning just as I began writing my morning blog. After that date, only online orders and telephone orders will be … Continue reading

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Last chance to buy

With immediate sellouts being the exception, collectors have gotten used to the fact that many standard Mint products seem to be around for something close to forever. Don’t have the $31.95 for a proof set at the ready? No worries. … Continue reading

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Feeling bad with statistics

It would be no surprise to me if bullion investors would simply want to forget this year’s market results. I have begun to look forward to 2016. Next year will bring the fifth anniversaries of the highs for both gold … Continue reading

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Reagan set: sellout, laggard or something new?

The end of the Presidential dollar series occurs next year. Will it be with a bang or a whimper? We know there will be a Coin and Chronicles set honoring Ronald Reagan with a reverse proof Presidential dollar in it. … Continue reading

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Platinum buyers need much more cash

This year has been a speculator’s paradise for new issues from the U.S. Mint. Last week’s quick sellout of the proof platinum $100 issue turned a few wheels in my brain. Every Mint sellout requires a cash outlay by buyers. … Continue reading

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U.S. Mint wins Coin of the Year Award

The U.S. Mint has won the Coin of the Year competition for its 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame copper-nickel clad half dollar. Votes of an international panel of judges were tabulated yesterday following the cutoff of submissions Dec. 6. The … Continue reading

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Sad over good silver Eagle news?

Should I be happy or sad that sales of 2015 American Eagle silver one-ounce coins have set a record? The current sales total of 44,850,000 exceeds last year’s record of 44,006,000. This week the Mint has another 1,075,000 pieces to … Continue reading

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Time to join ANA

American Numismatic Association President Jeff Garrett has set himself the worthy goal of increasing the membership of the organization. With numbers currently sitting around 25,000, the organization would benefit by getting a boost. After all, what 25,000 dues-paying supporters can … Continue reading

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Platinum excitement?

The 4,000 2015 proof platinum American Eagles will go on sale at the U.S. Mint website today. Is the number available low enough to tempt people to buy, betting on future scarcity? It is possible. While the number seems low, … Continue reading

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