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Want a scholarship? PNG offers one.

How badly do you want it is a question often asked of star atheletes in famous competitions like the Super Bowl. The same question can be asked of aspiring young coin collectors. Those who do want it are being offered … Continue reading

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Mint pricing sometimes looks crazy

Mint pricing is baffling to collectors. If you want a 2017 Lions commemorative silver dollar, the price is $47.95 for a proof. The uncirculated is $46.95. The difference is $1. Collectors have long believed proof coins ago be superior pieces that … Continue reading

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Older, wiser and with growing interest in bullion

Trying to figure out what is important to coin collectors is based in part on learning about them through reader surveys. Our latest reader survey for Numismatic News shows that the average reader is 63.2 years old. The median age is a … Continue reading

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Reward offered in Bust half theft

A reward of $16,000 is being offered by the Bust Half Nut Club. It is seeking information leading to the recovery of 19 coins stolen from a member’s hotel room Jan. 6, 2017, during the Florida United Numismatists convention in … Continue reading

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Adkins runs for ANA president

It looks like a race. A second candidate has declared for the presidency of the American Numismatic Association. ANA Vice President Gary Adkins made it official on Friday. Two weeks earlier former board member Mike Ellis had announced his intention … Continue reading

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Inaugural medal set to be put in Trump’s hands

There will be inaugural medals after all. Today a gold version is supposed to be presented to President Donald Trump, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette. It was produced by Medalcraft, Inc., of Green Bay, Wis. The firm found out … Continue reading

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Coin auctioneer for ANA wants your loyalty

I will not be able to attend the American Numismatic Association National Money Show in March in Orlando, Fla. But that does not mean I am not interested in what goes on there. My morning email contains an announcement from … Continue reading

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You want silver coins but you get gold

The Mint is hearing the average collector’s cry that he prefers silver coins to those made of gold. But can it really do anything about it? Certainly, it is trying. Gold is quite a bit more expensive than silver, presently … Continue reading

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Little letter ‘P’ leads to big surprise

The surprise release of 2017 Philadelphia cents with a “P” mintmark has caused a stir in the numismatic community. Will it be enough of one to give the whole year a boost by increasing interest in coins generally? That is … Continue reading

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Spot that first 2017 date in circulation

Have you found a 2017 coin in your change yet? Let me know as soon as you do. It is fun to be the first on the block to have a new date. It will give you bragging rights. If … Continue reading

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